Some sample matrices are tricky—but no problem for the lab professionals at Eastern Analytical, Inc.

EAI has provided environmental testing services since 1980, and we routinely analyze water and soil sample matrices. Over the years, however, we have analyzed thousands of wipe, paint chip, and building material samples as well!

These atypical materials or “tough” sample matrices do require highly specific sample collection protocol including proper container types, preservation, and sample volume. EAI will deliver your specialty test kit(s) promptly and at no charge!


Analyzing dust for lead, PCBs* or PAH/ABNs requires a special wipe test kit necessary for sample collection.

  • Lead (or other metals of interest) – Sterile DI water prepped wipe, 4 oz (125ml) clear glass jar
  • PCB – Sterile wipe, Hexane preservative, 4 oz (125ml) amber glass jar
  • PAH/ABN – Sterile wipe, Methylene Chloride preservative, 4 oz (125ml) amber glass jar

*PCB wipe samples are extracted using the Soxlet extraction technique EPA Method 3540.

Paint Chips

A small sample volume is required to analyze lead content (and other metals) in paint chips. Collect 2 grams of paint chips for analysis.

  • Lead (or other metals of interest) – Unpreserved, 4 oz (125ml) clear glass jar or zip lock baggie ¼ full.

Building Materials (Concrete, Solid, Light Wood, Caulk)

Collect 15 grams* of building material for PCB analysis. A homogenous sample is required, and material should be cut or broken into pieces less than 1/4” x 1/4” in size prior to submitting the sample to the lab.

  • PCB – Unpreserved, 4 oz (125ml) amber glass jar

*If the material is light, then completely fill the 4oz amber glass jar. Solid PCB samples are extracted using the Soxhlet extraction technique.

Test Atypical Samples In 5 Days Or Less

Results are available within 5 business days. RUSH turnaround time may be available with advanced notice and coordination with the lab. Start your order here!

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