Data Delivery

Customized to meet your specific need.

Electronic data delivery optimizes efficiency

Electronic Data Delivery (EDD) has become the delivery method of choice for Eastern Analytical, Inc. (EAI) customers. EAI accommodates customer needs by offering a wide variety of EDD options. The most popular choice of EDD is through email typically in PDF or tab delimited formats.

EAI electronic delivery process

Sample data for a project is gathered from the internal LIMS database and assembled in the preferred EDD format. After attaching the EDD, an e-mail is sent to the Project Manager listed on the COC. Within moments of job completion, the customer has an electronic copy of the report. Some EDDs delimitate the data in such a way that it can be easily opened in a spreadsheet or other application for graphing, sorting and other manipulations. EAI EDDs are customizable to accommodate special formats and requests from our customers. If you have a unique EDD requirement, please call or email EAI’s Information Technology Department.

Electronic Deliverable Options

  • Standard EAI
  • Excel
  • EDD Builder
  • PDF Format
  • Cross Tab Spreadsheet

Special Electronic Deliverable Formats

  • EarthSoft EQUIS
  • Envirodata
  • GISKey 3.1
  • Custom Formats
  • Call or e-mail with specific EDD needs
  • On-line Data Access
  • Special request only

State Electronic Deliverable Formats

  • Maine EGAD 6.0
  • NHDES DWGB Certified Upload (PWS)

Please indicate your preferred EDD format on the COC or contact EAI Customer Service for establishing your account preference and we will deliver appropriately every time.

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