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Community Involvement

Giving back is its own reward.

Our employees volunteer their time, energy and resources to many great causes and community activities throughout the region. We encourage all of our employees to get actively involved in community activities. The list of charitable and community organizations in which our people are involved is virtually endless. Some of them include:

  • Rescue efforts of stray and/or neglected pets
  • Raising awareness and donations for the Humane Society
  • Volunteering at the Concord SPCA and Libby’s Haven for Senior Canines
  • Coaching youth soccer, baseball and hockey teams
  • Becoming Cub Scout and Girl Scout Leaders
  • Parent involvement in schools as classroom volunteers, members of the PTA, School Improvement and Band/Chorus Fundraising committees
  • Involvement in the Volunteer River Assessment Program (VRAP) aimed at keeping NH rivers clean
  • Participation in various towns’ Conservation Commissions
  • Donating to the NH Food Bank.
  • Filling food baskets and donating turkeys for Thanksgiving
  • Contributing gifts and money to Operation Santa Claus
  • And much more

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