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Site Contamination

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Eastern Analytical, Inc. (EAI) has years of experience and laboratory capacity to support small and large environmental site investigations and site assessments for determining the potential presence or the extent of hazardous pollutants and contamination. Since 1980, EAI has been providing laboratory services to environmental engineers and consultants. EAI has a long history of providing quality data used to help with site contamination, characterization, risk assessment and cleanup efforts for petroleum and hazardous releases, Brownfield properties, abandoned hazardous waste sites, TSCA studies, and solid waste management. EAI offers a cost effective and efficient process for site contamination testing.

Our Laboratory Experience

Over the years, EAI has gained knowledge and experience while providing analytical testing services for site contamination projects:

  • Brownfields Cleanup and Land Reuse
  • Site Assessment
  • Site Investigation
  • Site Remediation
  • Natural Attenuation
  • Post Treatment
  • Soil Vapor Intrusion
  • Tank Removals

Service is Our Business

As a team, we take pride in our work and our company. Most important is the care we take in Quality and Service. At EAI, our goal is to provide outstanding customer service coupled with the highest level of quality in our data to our customers.

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