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It takes more than talent, training and experience.

We are professionals with years of experience in the industry. Eastern Analytical, Inc. is intimately familiar with state and federal environmental regulations, various types of sample matrices, new methodologies, and unique project-specific objectives. We stay current with the latest technologies and regulatory changes. But most important, we understand that the individual care we take of each of our client/partners is what ultimately determines our success.

If there is a need for it, we’ve done it.

Since 1980, Eastern Analytical has provided expert lab analysis for drinking water quality, remediation and monitoring, natural attenuation, site investigation, site assessment and brownfields, waste characterization and hazardous determination, wastewater discharge and sludge testing, storm water runoff, tank removals, petroleum contamination, solid waste management, used oil specifications, water and soil treatment and more. Our depth and breadth of experience is your assurance of accuracy and dependability.

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