Field Services

Sample Collection

Innovative and cost effective collection solutions.

Our Field Services team provides an array of sample collection options to assist you with your sample collection requirements. If you need an extra pair of hands, our experienced and trained personnel can assist you with your ambient air, wastewater/industrial discharge and routine monitoring well sample collection. EAI Field Services can provide project tracking and auto-scheduling for your routine projects.

Over the years, EAI has gained knowledge and experience while providing sample collection services for various environmental projects such as:

  • Contamination Investigations
  • Soil
  • Soil Vapor Intrusion
  • Air Quality
  • Groundwater and Landfills
  • Wastewater
  • Sludge
  • Water Systems
  • Private Wells
  • Storm Water
  • River Studies

Quick Resources

Holding Times & Preservation Card

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Short Hold Time Parameters Chart
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Chain of Custody Forms
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Residential Drinking Water Information
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