QA / QC Data Package

Producing quality data is our number one priority.

Multiple reporting levels available.

The data reporting objective of Eastern Analytical, Inc. (EAI) is to provide an analytical report to our customers that is a clear and accurate presentation of all requested and relevant information. Quality control sample analysis is performed and evaluated regardless of the reporting options selected by the customer. The QC data is provided at the customer request.

Package Options

*Chromatograms are automatically included for 8100 (mod.) Level II reports.
**PC indicates Presumptive Certainty as described within the Massachusetts DEP Data Enhancement Policy and Compendium of Analytical Methods (CAM).

Pre-project documentation including Eastern Analytical, Inc. SOP’s, QA/QC document and Qualification document are available upon request. Sample matrix QC such as matrix spikes and duplicates are not specific to any delivery group. Running sample specific matrix QC must be requested in advance and will be billed as individual samples.

Prices vary for each data deliverable package.

There will be an additional charge of 20% to upgrade to a higher level QC package after all work has been completed.

Please select your Data Deliverable Package need on the Chain of Custody.

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