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Specialty Testing

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Since inception, Eastern Analytical, Inc. (EAI) has worked on a wide variety of unique projects. Each project has a specific parameter set or protocol which ultimately provides answers and solutions to the customer. The analytical data assists in the decision-making process on projects including research and development, environmental pilot studies, soil treatability, water treatment, wastewater characterization, river studies, new technologies, quality assurance checks, internal process evaluations and more. EAI personnel work closely with customers and become part of the specialty project team.

Our Laboratory Experience

Over the years, EAI has provided analytical data supporting various studies and unique projects:

  • Research and Development Studies
  • Environmental Pilot Studies
  • Soil Treatability Studies
  • Quality Assurance Checks
  • River Dredging

Service is Our Business

As a team, we take pride in our work and our company. Most important is the care we take in Quality and Service. At EAI, our goal is to provide outstanding customer service coupled with the highest level of quality in our data to our customers.

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