After 23 years of dedicated service to Eastern Analytical, Inc., Mike Becker, is setting his sights on a well-deserved second retirement. Mike’s last day with Eastern will be on March 31, 2024.

Mike has been an important member of the EAI Team since 2001. He retired from his first career as a trade association executive director which spanned 25 years prior to joining EAI as a part-time courier. His exceptional professionalism, courtesy, and customer service skills were quickly recognized. It did not take long until he was asked to leave the road and move into a full-time Front Office position where he could make a greater impact assisting Eastern customers. Answering phones on a daily basis gave Mike the perfect opportunity to do what he does best, build strong relationships with customers.

Mike Becker standing in front of the Eastern Analytical, Inc. sign.

Celebrating Our First Courier Coordinator

As EAI’s laboratory and service offerings expanded so did the need for a dedicated individual to manage all bottle order fulfillment, courier scheduling and vehicle maintenance. Mike was the logical choice, and he became Eastern Analytical, Inc.’s first Courier Coordinator and Container Specialist. The number of vehicles and personnel Mike oversees has grown substantially over the years and in turn so has the daily coordination effort necessary to schedule multiple courier’s routes to multiple states throughout New England. No small task!

Thank You, Mike!

Mike will be passing the baton to the capable hands of our Sample Receiving Manager, Ashley Breen. Mike and Ashley have worked collaboratively the past few years fulfilling customer bottle order requests and scheduling couriers for daily routes in preparation for his eventual departure. Ashley has all the necessary experience and expertise to ensure the seamless transition essential to meet the comprehensive container and courier service needs of EAI’s customers.

Mike looks forward to spending time pursuing his many hobbies and outside interests and as much time as possible on the golf course. We will miss his daily enthusiastic “good morning” greetings, seeing him out during his lunchtime walk (in all types of weather—rain, sleet, snow, heat—it didn’t matter!) and invitations to after-hours get-togethers.

Thank you, Mike, for your incredible contributions to our team and EAI’s success. We will certainly miss you, and hope you enjoy your second retirement. You’ve earned it!


– The Eastern Analytical, Inc. Team