As experts in laboratory testing, we understand that environmental professionals rely on Eastern Analytical, Inc. (EAI) to stay informed on crucial project requirements. Staying up-to-date with pending and adopted rules by states and federal agencies is one of our top priorities to ensure the analytical scope of our client’s project requirements are met.

Recently, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) expanded their list of allowable PCB extraction and analysis methods for solid matrices under the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA). This rule change* will be effective starting February 26, 2024.

Beginning March 1, 2024, EAI will adopt the methods now allowable by the EPA. However, if specific methods are required for your project, please let us know!

EAI holds a NELAC accreditation for drinking water, wastewater, and RCRA methods. Our team is able to extract and analyze samples for PCBs by following the methods accepted by the USEPA based on customer’s specific project needs. We have extensive experience analyzing all types of sample matrices such as aqueous, soil, sludge, solids, paint chips, building materials and caulk, for PCBs.

*The rule change is explained in the EPA’s federal notice and 40 CFR Part 761.

To learn more about the USEPA’s regulatory update and how it might affect your project, give us a call at 1-800-287-0525 or send us an email.