2022’s below freezing temperatures haven’t deterred our Field Services team from carrying on with their drilling projects this winter. Sure, it isn’t always easy to navigate the ice and snow—but Brian (EAI’s Licensed Well Driller) is always ready for a challenge!

But here in New England, if we know anything about the weather…it’s that it never sticks around for long. Before the spring thaw arrives—and while the EAI drilling calendar still has openings—complete your direct-push drilling projects!

Drilling project in North Troy, VT

EAI Field Services personnel are licensed to install groundwater monitoring wells as well as decommission wells. Direct-push services also include:

  • Soil borings
  • Depth to refusal
  • Collection of in-situ groundwater or soil vapor
  • Road box repairs
  • Injection of various chemical oxidants for remedial purposes
  • …and more!

To learn more about EAI’s drilling capabilities or to schedule an upcoming project, please call Jeff Gagne, Field Service Manager, at 1-800-287-0525 or email customerservice@easternanalytical.com