Sample collection involves many moving parts, and even the tiniest mishaps can cause unforeseen issues. For example, it only takes a few soil granules in the threads of a capped volatile organic compounds (VOC) vial to cause a methanol preservative leak during transit! Here are our tips for preparing samples with care.

  • A secure seal of the VOC vial can minimize the potential for methanol leakage. We recommend using a Kimwipe (or similar) to thoroughly wipe soil from the VOC vial threads after it has been carefully expelled. Inspect the threads to be sure all granules have been removed, then screw the cap on tightly.
  • It’s crucial to review VOC sampling instructions for method requirements. If the volume of methanol preserving the sample is lower than the method requires, sample results will be impacted. In some instances, the sample(s) may need to be re-collected—which can be costly and time consuming.

To view and download a PDF of the complete sample collection instructions for aqueous and soil VOC samples, click here.

To assist our customers (particularly new employees and field techs), we have also added several sample collection instructions for various analyses as resources on the client resource page on our EAI website. The PDFs are available here.

Please call us at 1-800-287-0525 or email our customer service team with questions or concerns. We’re readily available to answer any specific sample collection questions you may have!